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29″ Wheelie Race At Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. 9.29.18

For the first time at the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest, we’ll be doing a wheelie race strictly for the 29 inch wheel big bikes! The Wheelie movement has been blowing up huge over the last few years thanks to DBlocks, Todd Lyons and SE Bikes!! And riders from around the world have been developing amazing skills with their front wheels raised up. We believe it should be pretty easy for the wheelie riders to get around a BMX track in a wheelie so we decided to raise the stakes and make them race each other around the track with the wheels raise up…… for the whole race!

It’s all going down at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. September 29th!! Registration is from 10am-11:30am. See you there!!

-Riders must have a 29″ wheel size bike to compete in this race!! Let see those SE Big Rippers out there!!
-A max of 8 riders at a time will have to begin their wheelie on or before the first roller/jump and keep it up till the finish line. The first rider to make it past the finish line with their front wheel raised up wins.
-If you drop your front wheel you’ll automatically be disqualified
-If all riders in the race get disqualified from dropping their front wheel, the rider who kept his or her wheel up the longest wins
-If more than 8 riders sign up for the race, we’ll split the races into motos where the top riders from each race will move on until we get to the final 8 riders.
-Helmet required
-Long sleeve shirt and long pants required
-No Pegs on the bike
-Brakes are required

-$15 to compete in this and all the other competitions for the day

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