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SCBF All Day Jam BIBs First Looks

SCBF All Day Bike Jam Bibs

With the SCBF All Day Bike Jam at EHT BMX fast approaching we thought we’d show you what we have in the works for our 2017 BIBs. This year we’re going with a grungy black/grey/white medal texture graphic style. This is very different from our previous events which had solid colorways in the background. We’ll most likely be using this same style for all our 2017 Event Bibs. Big shout to our sponsors how always help make the SCBF Events amazing DHD Wear, Skyway, Snafu, Carrera Of America, Raw Deal Tees, Free2Ride and Hyper Bicycles,

We can’t wait to see what these will look like printed up.

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