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Snafu BMX is the biggest supporter of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest. The brand has been on board since 2014 and always amazes us on how supportive they are. They have given us tons and tons of their awesome products to give out to the winners of our many competitions. We’ve given out Snafu brake cables, t-shirts, bar ends, seat/post combos, seat post clamps, stems, seat post, backpacks, cranks and pedals. We’ve even got some exclusive Snafu pieces that haven’t been released yet. We literally couldn’t have given out all the prizes we did so far this year and last year without their support. So a super big shout out and Thank You goes out to Snafu BMX for being an awesome sponsor of the Sugar Cayne bike Fest!

We have 2 more Sugar Cayne Bike Fest to go this season and we’ll be getting more Snafu product to add to the prize packs for our event winners. But you gotta be in it to win it!!

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