TOP Rider Performances Of 2016

There was so much awesome riding going on at this year’s events that we had to do a recap of all the top results from the High Jump, Bunny Hop, longest Skid, Long Jump and Longest Wheelie competitions. Below is a chart of the top individual rider performances from the SCBF events from this year!

2016 Top Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Results
AGE Name Height Location
15 Spencer Lonergan 3.6ft Brooklyn Pump Track
15 Nate Caron 3ft Trumbull BMX
17 Scott Thomson 3ft Brooklyn Pump Track
16 Justin Boissonneautt 3ft Brooklyn Pump Track
14 Dawson Young 3ft EHT BMX
23 Marcus Saundes 3ft Richmond
29 Tony Fatava 3ft First State
32 Chris Motorhead 3ft Brooklyn Pump Track
17 Matt Trafficante 3ft Tri-City
24 ROGER GOULD 2.9ft Billerica
AGE Name Length Location
15 Nate Caron 264ft Trumbull BMX
16 Thomas Townsend 238.8ft Hampton BMX
14 Kellon Redmand 132.3ft Richmond BMX
14 Mikey Cox 104.7ft Hampton BMX
AGE Name Length Location
30 Geoff Thorpe 133.7ft Brooklyn Pump Track
18 Seth Freedman 129.4ft Brooklyn Pump Track
27 Adam Hauck 117.6ft Brooklyn Pump Track
16 Thomas Townsend 112.7ft Hampton BMX
43 Eric Huber 108.1ft First State BMX
14 Zach Lawson 103.1ft First State BMX
31 Vinicius Resende 100.4ft Brooklyn Pump Track
AGE Name Length Location
16 Hunter Scribner 20.9ft Tri-City
17 Matt Trafficante 19ft Tri-City
16 Thomas Sandfort 18.6ft EHT
44 Paul Isbester 18.6ft Tri-City
16 Jared Gough 18.3ft EHT
34 James Zajd 17ft Hampton
14 Mikey Cox 17ft Hampton
AGE Name Height Location
27 Adam Hauck 6ft Brooklyn Pump Track
32 Chris Motorhead 6ft Brooklyn Pump Track
15 Spencer Lonergan 5.6ft Brooklyn Pump Track
28 Alec Glasgall 5ft Brooklyn Pump Track

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