2023 SCBF Tri-City Video, Photos And Results


The forecast for the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Tri-City BMX in Upstate NY called for clear weather. But real early in the AM at storm dropped heavy rain leaving the track unuseable. There was plenty of other space to use for the event off the track so we were still able to make it happen!!

We did the bunny hop competition which was crazy then we did the wheelie competition which wasn’t so easy since the riders had wheelie up a pretty steep incline. After that we did the multi lap race around the fence by the parking lot. The 10-15 class had a lot of riders and they all went at once. It was a wild one to watch. And finally we did the Trick Attack/Style competition where riders got to show off some of their tricks.

It felt great to be back out there doing the SCBF again. Big shout and thanks to Sarah Robichaud for hosting the event and getting me back in the swing of things. It’s been 7 years since we did a Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Tri-City. Next up is the 10 year anniversary of the SCBF at Trumbull BMX Track in Connecticut, October 21st. See you there!

If you want to come and check out Tri-City BMX, they’re open for practice/racing on Friday’s at 6:30pm and Tuesdays for practice at 6:30pm. CLICK HERE for more info.



1stParker BucholtzTyler RogersParker BucholtzTyler Rogers
2ndTyler RogersTyler KellyTyler KellyParker Bucholtz
3rdTyler KellyParker BucholtzTyler RogersTyler Kelly

10-15 YEAR OLDS:

1stTyler MarhaferTyler MarhaferTyler MarhaferAsher Hock
2ndAsher HockReece HendersonReece HendersonKade Fowler
3rdScott WalterMatheo BlairScott WalterBlake Windows

16-39 YEAR OLDS:

1stBlake PowellAdam FitchAdam FitchAdam Fitch
2ndPaul BucholtzMike AmarisAshton AlexsonPaul Bucholtz
3rdMike AmrisPaul BucholtzMike AmarisAshton Alexson


1stKeith NewellKeith NewellKeith NewellKeith Newell
2ndTed SpeenburghTed SpeenburghTed SpeenburghDouglas Sundquist
3rdDoug SundquistDoug SundquistDoug Sundquist

We also did a raffle with some Sugar Cayne Frames and bunch of gear donated by DB Sports World! BIG SHOUT AND THANKS to DB Sports World for their gear donation!

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