5th Annual SCBF Trumbull Day 1 Results

SCBF 5 Wiinners day 1

The results from Day 1 of the 5th Annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. are in!! This time around we continued with the team format. Riders accumulated points based off their results in each competition. Whichever team had the most combined points won best team for the day.

-Riders accumulated points based on their performance. Eg: If you bunny hop 5 feet, you got 5 points, if you wheelie 100ft you get 100 points and so on.
-For The Relay competitions teams points were based off the combined total points of their results. 1st place=10points, 2nd place=8 points, 3rd place=6points, 4th place=4points. So for example if a team gets 1st place, each rider gets 10 points. So the total points for that team will be 40 points.
-We add up all the individual riders points from each competitions to find out their “Total Points”
-Then we add up each team members total points to get the teams total points.
-The team with the most points is named the Best Team.
-The individual rider with the most points in their age group wins the “Raddest” award. The age groups are 9&Under, 10-15, 16&Over and 35&Over
-FYI, The majority of points are accumulated from the Longest Skid, Longest Wheelie/Manual and Long Jump competitions

We had a limited amount of prizes this time around so we only gave out prizes for the following:
-Best Team 1st-2nd
-Raddest 9&Under 1st-2nd
-Raddest 10-15 1st -2nd
-Raddest 16&Over 1st-2nd
-Raddest Girl 1st&2nd
-Most Points 1st
-Long Jump 1st-3rd
-We gave out number plate awards to the 1st place riders from each age group in each competition.

Raddest 9&Under:
1st. Ernest
2nd. Elliot
3rd. Justice

Raddest 10-15:
1st. Andrew
2nd. R.J.
3rd. Josh
Andrew top 10-15
Raddest 16&Over:
1st. Felix
2nd. Jonny
3rd. Scotty

Best Team:
1st. Team A with 434.9 Points (Elliot, Jonathan, Austin, Felix)
2nd. Team C with 419.61 Points (Ernest, Andrew, Scotty, R.J.)
3rd. Team B with 372.22 Points (Justice, Tyler, Jonny, Bob)

Raddest Girl:
1st. Alissa
2nd. Justice

1st. Team C
2nd. Team B
3rd. Team D

Bunny Hop 1st Place:
9&Under: Ernest
10-15: Jonathan
16&Over: Scotty, Jonny (Tie)

Most Points:
1st. Felix

Wheelie/Manual 1st Place:
9&Under: Ernest
10-15: Tyler
16&Over: Jonny

Long Jump 1st Place:
9&Under: Ernest
10-15: Tyler
16&Over: Jonny

Longest Skid:
9&Under: Ernest
10-15: Andrew
16&Over: Felix

We want to give huge thanks to all of our sponsors for sending some amazing prizes; DHD Wear, Snafu, Carrera Of America, Nutcase Helmets, Freshpark, TNT Bicycles and Free2Ride!! And another huge thanks goes out to the whole Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. crew for host and sponsoring the event for the 5th year in a row!! It’s with your amazing support that these events are even possible. Thank you so much for your gracious support!

Below is a chart that shows a break down of the results!

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