SCBF New Paltz Results

Our last Sugar Cayne Bike Fest event for 2015,held at New Paltz BMX is now in the history books and after some technical difficulties with our website we’re finally able to bring you the results from the event!

As always we had some great action go down at the event with some awesome highlights like Anthony Lucchesi almost skidding his bike close enough to the concession stand to get online and order some fries. Or Jared Spieker boosting our 50 pound Mongoose Stomp Fat Bike from a bunny hop! And the biggest highlight was Nate Caron wheelie-ing the whole last straight, to the berm, to almost half of the 2nd to last straight…that was sick!!

We’ll have some videos coming soon also we’ll be announcing our year end winners. Stay tuned

MTB Longest Wheelie
MTB Longest Wheelie


Jack Donohue14ft 1in131st
Jared Lascar14ft 132nd
Nathaniel Caron10ft 8in143rd
Keith Newell15ft 9in38 (30&Over Class)1st
Pat Parker14ft 9in34 (30&Over Class)2nd

MTB Best Style
MTB Best Style


Keith NewellScore: 27381st

MTB Longest Skid


Zachary Leary48ft 5in161st
Nathaniel Caron37ft 8in142nd
Keith Newell33ft383rd

Bike Relay
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (502)


Anthony LucchesiTeam B161st
Lucas PipitoneTeam B111st
Ryan SullivanTeam B191st
Dean ZebianTeam B161st
Jared SpieckerTeam C (Team Mate Angelina Tacti)142nd
Jack DonohueTeam C (Team Mate Angelina Tacti)132nd
Tyler VanascoTeam C (Team Mate Angelina Tacti)202nd
Jared LascarTeam A (Team Mate Jena Sagendorf)133rd
Christian PlatoniTeam A (Team Mate Jena Sagendorf)93rd
Jacob StephensTeam A (Team Mate Jena Sagendorf)143rd
Scott DolandTeam D (Team Mate Taylor Spano)244th
Nathaniel CaronTeam D (Team Mate Taylor Spano)144th
Eric Tacti JrTeam D (Team Mate Taylor Spano)64th

Girls Bike Relay


Angelina TactiTeam C122nd
Jena SagendorfTeam A173rd
Taylor SpanoTeam D184th

Cyclocross Race Boys
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (409)


Cole ZufeltCame in 1st in age group, Placed 1st in Race12 (10-14)1st
Pat ParkerCame in 1st in age group, Placed 2nd in Race34 (30&Over)1st
Scott DolandCame in 1st in age group, Placed 3rd in Race24 (15-29)1st
Ryan SullivanCame in 2nd in age group, Placed 5th in Race19 (15-29)2nd
Lance ZufeltCame in 2nd in age group, Placed 6th in Race10 (10-14)2nd
Jared LascarCame in 3rd in age group, Placed 7th in Race13 (10-14)3rd
Zachary LearyCame in 3rd in age group, Placed 8th in Race16 (15-29)3rd
Mark MendezCame in 2nd in age group, Placed 9th in Race31 (30&Over)2nd
Eric Tacti JrDNF6Loss
Cody BelferDNF10Loss
Jack DonohueDNF13Loss
Jacob StephensDNF14Loss
Tyler VanascoDNF20Loss
Justin LedouxDNF25Loss
Sloane SteckerDNF44Loss

Cyclocross Race Girls
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (442)


Jena SagendorfCame In 4th In Race171st
Angelina TactiCame in 10th in Race122nd
Sam RadyDNF 323rd

Fat Bike Longest Skid Boys
Fat Bike Longest Skid


Christian Platoni23ft 8in9 (9&under)1st
Eric Tacti Jr14ft 8in6 (9&under)2nd
Jared Spiecker54ft 11in14 (10-14)1st
Nathaniel Caron45ft14 (10-14)2nd
Reese Donohue32ft 2in12 (10-14)3rd
Cody Belfer25ft 11in10 (10-14)4th
Lance Zufelt21ft 2in10 (10-14)5th
Lucas Pipitone20ft11 (10-14)6th
Jack Donohue8ft13 (10-14)7th
Anthony Lucchesi71ft 10in16 (15-29)1st
Dean Zebian44ft16 (15-29)2nd

Fat Bike Longest Skid Girls


Angelina Tacti3ft 10in12 (10-14)8th

Fat Bike Bunny Hop
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (313)


Eric Tacti JrBar6 (9&Under)1st
Jared Spiecker2ft 2in14 (10-14)1st
Nathaniel Caron2ft14 (10-14)2nd
Jack Donohue1ft 8in13 (10-14)3rd

BMX Longest Wheelie BOYS
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (484)


Eric Tacti Jr1ft 5in6 (9&Under)2nd
Christian Platoni5in9 (9&Under)1st
Nathaniel Caron153ft 3in14 (10-14)1st
Jared Spiecker26ft 5in14 (10-14)2nd
Jack Donohue17ft 6in13 (10-14)3rd
Lucas Pipitone3ft 4in11 (10-14)4th
Anthony Lucchesi86ft 1inch16 (15-29)1st
Dean Zebian33ft 10in16 (15-29)2nd
Ryan Sullivan24ft19 (15-29)3rd
Tyler Vanasco19ft 5in20 (15-29)4th
Scott Doland16ft 2in24 (15-29)5th
Keith Newell15ft 6in38 (30&Over)1st
Pat Parker13ft 10in34 (30&Over)2nd

BMX Longest Skid GIRLS


Angelina Tacti2ft (Placed 5th Against The Boys)12 (10-14)5th
Jena Sagendorf5ft 1in (Placed 6th Against The Boys)17 (16-29)6th

BMX Last Straight Dash Boys
last straight dash boys


Christian Platoni9 (10-15)1st
Lucas Pipitone11 (10-15)2nd
Eric Tacti Jr6 (6 &under)1st
Tyler Meyers6 (6&under2nd
Scott Doland24 (14&Over)1st
Ryan Sullivan19 (14&Over)2nd
Keith Newell38 (14&Over)Loss
Jared Spiecker14 (14&Over)Loss

BMX Last Straight Dash Girls
Last Straight Dash Girls


Jena Sagendorf171st
Angelina Tacti122nd
Taylor Spano18Loss

BMX Longest Skid Boys
BMX Longest Skid


Christian Platoni31ft 5in9 (9&under)1st
Tyler Meyers13ft6 (9&under)2nd
Eric Tacti Jr11ft6 (9&under)3rd
Nathaniel Caron68ft 9in14 (10-14)1st
Jared Spiecker66ft 11in14 (10-14)2nd
Reese Donohue47ft 8in12 (10-14)3rd
Cody Belfer42ft 2in10 (10-14)4th
Jared Lascar38ft 11in13 (10-14)5th
Lucas Pipitone23ft11 (10-14)6th
Jack Donohue2ft13 (10-14)7th
Jacob Stephens2ft14 (10-14)8th
Anthony Lucchesi82ft16 (15-29)1st
Dean Zebian79ft 6in16 (15-29)2nd
Zachary Leary36ft 1in16 (15-29)3rd
Scott Doland25ft 2in24 (15-29)4th
Ryan Sullivan25ft 1in19 (15-29)5th
Pat Parker62ft 2in34 (30&OVER)1st
Keith Newell43ft 1in38 (30&OVER)2nd

BMX Longest Skid Girls


Taylor Spano9ft 10in (Competed With the Boys)18 (15-29)6th

BMX Best Style Boys
BMX Best Style


Eric Tacti JrScore: 166 (9&Under)1st
Nathaniel CaronScore: 2714 (10-14)1st
Jack DonohueScore: 2413 (10-14)2nd
Cole ZufeltScore: 2212 (10-14)3rd
Jared SpieckerScore: 2214 (10-14)3rd
Jared LascarScore: 1813 (10-14)4th
Cody BelferScore: 1510 (10-14)5th
Lance ZufeltScore: 1210 (10-14)6th
Anthony LucchesiScore: 24 (Tie Break Score: 8)16 (15-29)1st
Tyler VanascoScore: 24 (Tie Break Score: 7)20 (15-29)2nd
Dean ZebianScore: 2216 (15-29)3rd
Scott DolandScore: 1424 (15-29)4th
Pat ParkerScore: 2834 (30&Over)1st
Keith NewellScore: 1938 (30&Over)2nd

BMX Best Style Girls

best style girls, Jena Sagendorf


Angelina TactiScore: 13 (Competed With The Boys)12 (10-14)6th
Jena SagendorfScore: 15 (Competed With The Boys)17 (15-29)4th

BMX Bunny Hop Boys
Sugar Cayne Bike Fest New Paltz (114)


Nathaniel Caron2ft 7in14 (10-14)1st
Jack Donohue2ft 5in13 (10-14)2nd
Cole Zufelt1ft 5in12 (10-14)3rd
Reese Donohue1ft12 (10-14)4th
Lance Zufelt1ft10 (10-14)4th
Cody Belfer9in10 (10-14)3rd
Anthony Lucchesi3ft16 (15-29)1st
Tyler Vanasco2ft 5in20 (15-29)2nd
Dean Zebian2ft 5in16 (15-29)2nd
Zachary Leary2ft16 (15-29)3rd
Justin Ledoux1ft 5in25 (15-29)4th
Scott Doland1ft24 (15-29)5th
Pat Parker2ft 2in34 (30&Over))1st
Keith Newell1ft 7in38 (15-29)2nd

BMX Bunny Hop Girls

Jena Sagendorf, Bunny Hop, SCBF


Jena Sagendorf1ft (Competed With The Boys17 (15-29)5th

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