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All Day Jam EHT Results 4.15.17

scbf all day jam

Below are the results from the SCBF All Day Jam at EHT BMX. This year changed things up with the scoring. We’re now taking a riders performance results and using it as points(eg: 5ft=5points). From there we add the points from each rider to get their total points. The team with the most points wins.

The points for the time trial relay are a little different. Since the winning result for the time trial relay competition is based on which team had the lowest combined time, we used the teams result points instead.

For the Holeshot & Dash races, 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 8 and everybody else gets 3points. For this event we split the age groups to 13&Under and 15&Over

Best Team:
1st: Team A (Justice, Jake, Chris, Dawson)
2nd: Team B (Kaden, Jay, Rob, Joseph)
3rd: Team D (Zack, Mia, Greg, Andrew)

Raddest 9&Under:
1st: Mia
2nd: Justice

Raddest 10-15:
1st: Andrew
2nd: Dawson
3rd: Sandy

Raddest 16&Over:
1st: Jake
2nd: Rob
3rd: Jay

Raddest Old Guy (35&Over):
1st: Greg
2nd: Chris
Below is a gallery of all the event winners. Huge Thank You to all our sponsors DHD Wear, Snafu BMX and TNT Bicycles for all the great prizes!

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