The Off Road Cycling Oympics

16&Over Winter Series Results Round #3

Current Rank

Results from the 16&Over SCBF Pump Track Winter Series competition. We changed things up for the time trial and time trial relay competitions and ran them on the big line side of the track.

Brooklyn Bike Park, SCBF Winter Series


RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelie
John Roffi4516&OverA1min 32.62sec20.56secLoss
Michael Wikan4316&OverC1min 53.75sec24.06secLoss
Steve Boyle4116&OverC1min 53.75sec19.92sec2nd
Charlie Farrell4816&OverA1min 32.62sec20.71sec
Chris Motorhead3116&OverD1min 35sec19.32secScore: 2775ft 2in
Geoff Thorpe3016&OverB2min 22.47sec19.12sec3rdScore: 21.5
Vinicius Resende3016&OverB2min 22.47sec19.62sec
Cesar MaCay2916&OverD1min 35sec23.04sec
Chanpra Platt2816&OverD1min 35sec27.61sec
Seth Freedman1816&OverD1min 35sec16.92sec1stScore: 223ft

Box Score

Rider BH TT Relay WHE Race Gate Style Dash Skid LJ HJ HS
Seth Freedman01084100800000
Chanpra Platt018000000000
Cesar MaCay018000000000
Vinicius Resende044000000000
Geoff Thorpe084060600000
Chris Motorhead06810001000000
Charlie Farrell0110000000000
Steve Boyle036080000000
Michael Wikan016010000000
John Roffi0210010000000