The Off Road Cycling Oympics

9&Under Winter Series 2 Results

Current Rank

RiderPtsCompetitions EnteredWinsPodiums
Lucas Bragg14221117
Greyson Quioan11214612
Mathew Barone8410410
Chester BorrokChester Borrok691037
Justice Cayne521105

Here are the results from the 9 year old and under competitions from the round 2 of the SCBF Pump Track Winter Series event at Brooklyn Bike Park.

-We combined all the age groups together in the time trial relay competitions
-We combined the 10-15 and 9&Under together for the chase race
-12 year old Alan Hersey won the chase race
-Arel and Asian missed the actual chase race so we made them do a separate chase race. Asian got 1st and Arel got 2nd but they were score with 4th place 5th place points in their age group.

-Brad and Matt were combined with the other age groups for the Wheelie competition but were scored within their age group.



RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelie
Oscar Trombley59&UC2min 27.2sec47.46sec1st
Brad Hersey99&UB2min 19.3sec28.26sec2ndScore 1412ft 8in
Chester Borrok89&UD2min 28.3sec30.74sec3rdScore 11
Asian Poindexter79&U38.48sec1st (Race B)
Casey Veldhouse79&UA2min 13.7sec36.62sec
Mathew Barone79&UB2min 19.3sec32.23sec9ft 8in
Arel Desart69&U41.33sec2nd (Race B)
Jake Silver49&UDNF

Box Score

Rider BH TT Relay WHE Race Gate Style Dash Skid LJ HJ HS
Jake Silver010000000000
Arel Desart020030000000
Mathew Barone068800000000
Casey Veldhouse0410000000000
Asian Poindexter030040000000
Chester Borrok084060800000
Brad Hersey010810801000000
Oscar Trombley016000000000