The Off Road Cycling Oympics

9 & Under Winter Series Round 3

Current Rank

Results from the 9&Under competitions at Round #3 of the SCBF Pump Track Winter Series. This time around the Time Trial and Time Trial Relay competitions were run on the big line side of the pump track only.

Lucas, Finn, Casey, Winter Series


RiderAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialChaseStyleWheelie
Finn McIntyre89&underB2min 22.47sec24.3sec1stScore: 177ft 2in
Justice Cayne59&under39.72sec3rd
GiGi Conlan89&underB2min 22.47sec33.8sec
Casey Veldhouse79&underC1min 53.75sec27.4sec
Lucas Bragg59&underC1min 53.75sec25.76sec2ndScore: 15

Box Score

Rider BH TT Relay WHE Race Gate Style Dash Skid LJ HJ HS
Lucas Bragg086080800000
Casey Veldhouse066000000000
GiGi Conlan044000000000
Justice Cayne030060000000
Finn McIntyre010461001000000