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2014 2nd Annual SCBF And Expo Results

Cyclocross meets bmx

The first full season of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is now in the history books! Below is the full list of results from our last stop of the 2014 at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. Congratulations to all the riders who participated in this event and all the riders who participated this season.  It’s been an awesome ride and we’re looking fwd to the 2015 season which may start sooner than you think 🙂

2014 sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour Series Winner:
Keith Newell, Cult Bart simpson
Keith Newell

SCBF Trumbull Iron Man Contest Winner

Keith Newell, iron man

Keith Newell $100

Fastest Gate:

Chris DeAmelio, fastest gate
All ages competed from youngest to oldest. 5 bonus points was given to riders who had the current fastest times.

Last Straight Dash Girls

Last Straight Women
Erika McEnroe, last straight dash


Renee GieseLoss
Lisa ClyneLoss
Erika McEnroe1st

Last Straight Dash 35&Over Men
michael periero

Last Straight Dash 10-15

Matt Higgs

35&Over Skyway Race
skyway ta, scbf2014

MTB vs Cruisers 6-9
mtb vs cruisers

MTB vs Cruisers 10-15
Matt Higgs SCBF mtb vs cruisers

MTB vs Cruiser 16&Over
Chris Deamelio, glenn giese


Long Jump 15&Under

Jonathan Morua, long jump


Nicholas PolumboBonus Pts, Loss
Matthew HorjatschunBonus Pts, Loss
Ethan RussellBonus Pts, Loss
Justin McDanielBonus Pts, Loss
Ryan KomssiBonus Pts, Loss
Henry DzwonkowskiBonus Pts, Loss
Chris AldoBonus Pts, Loss
Austin ClintonLoss
Kelly HorjatschunLoss
Jonathan Moura1st, Bonus Pts

Last Straight Dash 8-9

Jesse McEnroe, last straight dash


Last Straight Dash 5-6

matt horjatschon last straight dash


Long Jump 16&Over
Keith Newell, Long Jump


Best Style 10-15

Ethan Russell, Best style

Best Style 16&Over
Keith Newell, Best Style


Michael PereiroLoss
Keith Newell1st

Best Style 6-9
kelly horjatschun


High Jump 16&Over
Jason Pilato, scbf


Cyclocross High Jump

cyclocross high jump


Glenn Giese1st

Cyclocross Meets BMX 16&Over
jason pilato, cyclocross meets bmx

Cyclocross Meets BMX 10-15
Matt Higgs, Cyclocross meets bmx

Cyclocross Meets BMX 6-9(Boys)
crazy al cayne, Matt h, scbf

High Jump 12-15
Austin Clinton, high jump

High Jump 6-11
crazy al cayne, Ryan Komssi,


Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is the celebration off road cycling. It's fun day for the off road cycling communities to come together for dirt riding, friendly competitions, networking and sharing ideas! For 2014 we'll be having more events leading up to our big 2014 2nd annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest. See ya at the next event!

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