2015 SCBF Jumping Highlights So Far…..

Egg Harbor BMX, High Jump

Some of the highlights from the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest “King Of The Hop” competitions like the Bunny Hop, Bunny Hop Long Jump, Long Jump and the really popular High Jump competitions. Every stop on the tour so far this year saw it share of triumphs and fails but always in good fun! New for 2015 we added the bunny hop competitions which went over really well. A lot of riders were stepping up and seeing how high they could hop their bikes.

Also this year we saw a big increase of people competing in the Fat Bike jump competitions. A lot of it had to do with us buying a Mongoose Stomp 20″ Fat bike for the kids to use at the event. The Stomp is a super heavy and super rad bike, it was awesome to see the kids launching it and they launched it pretty high too!

Below we put together a lil compilation video with highlights from the 7 events we’ve had so far at EHT BMX, Tri-City, Billerica BMX, Shoreham BMX, Hampton BMX, Hagerstowm BMX and CNY BMX track.

Our next Sugar Cayne Bike Fest events will be this Saturday October 10th at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. in CT and October 18th at New Paltz BMX in N.Y….hope to see you there!

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