New SCBF Competiton: Balance Bike Jedi

Strider Race

Strider RaceWe added more competitions for the Balance Bike Riders to compete in this season. We now have the Balance Bike Jedi series which consist of 3 competitions.

The first competitions is a traditional Strider/Balance bike race where up to 8 riders will be racing together down the last straight.

The next competition will be the Balance Bike Relay Race where riders group up into teams of 4. Up to 4 teams will be racing at the same time down the last straight. When the riders get to the finish line they have to tap their team mate in order for them to start their lap.

The last competition will be the Balance Bike Last Straight Dash. This race will have two riders racing neck to neck in an elimination style race.

The rider with the highest points after all the competitions will be named the Balance Bike Ninja!

Visit our Rules Page to find out more about this and all the rest of our competitions.


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