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Back in 2015, Carrera Toys was one of the sponsor for the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Big Finale at New Paltz BMX, Saturday October 18th! They make the best slot cars and slot car tracks in the world and have been around for 50 years!!

They sent us some branded hats, event flags, sticker packs and one of their awesome Evolution “LaFerrari” slot track sets to give out to some of our event series winners. The only way you can get these awesome prizes is by competing at the SCBF, entering multiple competitions and get as many points as you can! We’re super excited to have Carrera Toys as a sponsor for the SCBF Big Finale, it’s gonna be awesome!!!!

In tune with the ‘Motorsport at home’ slogan, for over 50 years Carrera has been bringing together long-time slotcar enthusiasts and complete newcomers around its circuits to set up thrilling racetrack battles for gamers of every age.

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