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Chase Races, SCBF Winter Series #3

Steve Boyle, Seth Freedman, geoff thorpe

The popular super tiring “Chase Race” went down again on the beginner track at round #3 of the SCBF Pump Track Winter series at Brooklyn Bike Park. It was the last competition of the day a few riders had dropped out but there was still some great action going down and we caught it all on video!

9&Under Results:
1st. Finn Mcintyre
2nd. Lucas Bragg
3rd. Justice Cayne

10-15 Results
1st. Jayden Roffi
2nd. Chris Celli

16&Over Results
1st. Seth Freedman
2nd. Steve Boyle
3rd. Geoff Thorpe
Loss. Mike Wikan
Loss. John Roffi

Brooklyn Bike Park, Chase Race Results

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