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DHD Wear To Sponsor SCBF, 2015 (@Damionhickman)

DHD Wear

DHD Wear
Damion Hickman of and Damion Hickman Designs has been showing us a lot of love and sent us a huge box of goodies to add to our prize packs for the next Sugar Cayne Bike Fest!! Our next event is coming August 15th at Hampton BMX Track in Hampton VA. You gotta be there if your trying to win some awesome DHDwear swag but if you can’t wait and want some DHD dopeness now CLICK HERE!!


Southern California based design agency, Damion Hickman Design has built it’s reputation over the past 20 years with a large portion of their client base centered around the cycling industry. Cycling themed t-shirts were always fun side projects and in 2012, they decided to take that cycling passion to a new level with the launch of DHDwear.What started out as a single shirt sold online has erupted into their current offering of more than 50 shirt designs and resulted in thousands of sales stretching across the globe thanks in part to social media and retail sales. DHDwear is always adding new designs and is expanding into other cycling themed casual wear in the coming year. DHDwear can be found online at and in premier bike shops worldwide. Distributed by Torcano Industries:

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