9&Under Winter Series Final (3.12.16)


TeamAgeAGTeamTT RelayTime TrialStyleWheelieEvent PtsBunnyHigh JSkidOutcome
Ryder Meyers39&UF64.4secs35.95secs05th, 6th
Lucas Bragg59&UA48secs21.29secs3rd4th(5)401.5in0ft4th, BHC, HJB, RelayC, StyleC, TTB, Wh4
Greyson Quioan59&UB48.85secs19.80secs2nd2nd(10)460ft30.3ft4th, HJC, SkidA, StyleB, TTA, whB
Justice Cayne59&UD47.3secs5th160in0ft4th, 5th, 8th, RelayB
Sebastian Marcus59&UC66.52secs121.5in13.7ft6a, 6th, BHB
Oscar Trombley59&UF64.4secs410ft5th, 7th
Parker Tramposch69&UC66.52secs23.84secs5th1st(11)016.3ft5A, 5th, 6th, ttd, whA
Mathew Barone79&UE41.3secs20.09secs1st3rd(9)623in6in26.2ftBHA, HJA, RelayA, SkidB, StyleA, TTB, whC
Tyler Meyers79&UB48.85secs24.7secs200in24.7ft4A, 4th, 5A, 5th, SkidC
Chester Borrok89&UD47.3secs4th130ft4th, 8th, RelayB

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