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Fat Bike Bunny Hop Photos, New Paltz 2015

jared spiecker, fat bike bunny hop

The Fat Bike Bunny Hop competition was insane at New Paltz BMX Track!! The battle was on between Jared Spiecker and Nate Caron, they were both launching our event loaner bike, a Mongoose Stomp 20″ fat bike. We were surprised that they were getting that heavy fat bike so high off the ground, it was awesome to watch. We were so caught up in the competition that we forgot to film it but we took a ton of photos of every round.

When all the dust settled it was Jared with the win at 2ft 2inches 2nd place went to Nate at 2ft anf 3rd place went to Jack Donohue with 1ft 8inches

We have to give it up to the Mongoose Stomp for holding up to all the abuse from the last few events this year. The bike held up way better that we expected. We thought the cranks would’ve surely be broken by this point lol! The only real issue with the bike was the front end. Mongoose use the old school style head tube. The forks had to screw into the headset which left us with upgrade options for the stem. Our handlebars kept slipping during the contest. With that said we’ll probably have to retire the Stomp from our event for next year. Hopefully we’ll get a replacement.

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