Fat Bike High Jump Comp Debuts At SCBF Stop#2, June 21st

Fat bike High Jump

Fat bike High Jump
Another new competition added to the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour is the Fat Bike High Jump competition!! The Fat Bike community on Long Island is big and we’d love to see you guys come down and compete for some Fat Bike high Jump glory! We wanna see how high you can take em! It’s all going down at Shoreham BMX track in long Island N.Y. June 21st! The Fat Bike High Jump competition is a series that will be included for each stop of the SCBF tour. Full face and open face helmets are allowed plus you need a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt with elbow pads and long pants or shorts with knee and shin pads. Registration is from 9am-11:30am, $10
CLICK HERE For More Info!

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