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Hyper Bicycles MAINIAC BARS 9.5

Hyper Bicycles, Mainiac Handelbars (1)

With only two more Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Events to go we’ll be giving out some pretty big and exclusive prizes like these sick Hyper Bicycles Maniac handlebars in the Jet Fuel colorway. These bars look amazing and tall at 9.5″ on the rise.

Now we know your wondering “Which event will these bars be at” or “What competition will this prize be added to?”…we’re not telling, you just have to be in it to see who wins it 😉

Our last two competitions will be on October 10th at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. and Oct 18th at New Paltz BMX

“Harry Main Signature Bars. The Hyper Mainiac bars are are 2-pc handlebars constructed from butted chromoly with a knurled clamping area, 19mm crossbar and are heat treated for additional strength. Rise: Available in 8.50″, 9.0” and 9.5”. Width: 29.0″ Backsweep: 12° Upsweep: 1° Crossbar Height: 5.75″ Crossbar Width: 10.875″. Weight: 28.8oz”

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