Jason Pilato And Anthony Diciano Jr Won Big At EHT

Jason Pilato, Anthony Diciano Jr

Jason Pilato, Anthony Diciano Jr


On day 2 on our first stop of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at EHT BMX we had some big, exclusive prizes to be won! Hyper Bicycles sent us some exclusive new Jet Fuel colored racing handle bars to give out and Jason Pilato won them! Another one of our awesome sponsors Scarred 4 Life Racing sent us an awesome Elm Street racing frame in a beautiful black colorway which was won by Anthony Diciano Jr.!! Both riders earned these prizes by competing in multiple competitions at the SCBF event.

Now not every stop on the tour is gonna have big prizes like these but there are a lot more events to go before the big finale at New Paltz BMX track in N.Y. We’re working on getting some crazy prizes for our 2015 series points leaders so keep competing and collect those points.

Dave PowLowSki, Scarred 4 life
Scarred 4 Life BMX owner Dave Powlowski

Jason Pilato, Hyper Bicycles 2.0 handle bars Anthony Diciano Jr, Scarred 4 life

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