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Keith Newell, 2015 Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Iron Man Champ

For the 2nd year in a row Keith Newell has won the year end Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Iron Man award!! Keith attended the most events and competed in the most competitions of the 2015 season which wound up giving him a total of 162 points! Keith was also the King Of MTB for 2015 racking up 96 points in the MTB category alone!

Keith recieved some custom awards for the year end and we also gave out some awesome prizes from our sponsors. Keith The highly popular “Radical Rick” T-Shirt by DHD Wear in two colors, we also gave him one of the awesome PlanetBMX T-shirts we had left over from last season. And for the big Iron Man Prize Keith won an awesome slot car set by Carrera Toys

2015 Iron Man Series Stats:

RiderComps EnteredPtsWinsPodiums
Keith Newell211621017
Logan Misiaszek17127216
Camron Mason14121913

Check out the video below to watch Crazy Al Cayne give Keith his prizes.

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