King/Queen Of The Hop, 2015 SCBF Series

King Of The Hop Flier

King Of The Hop Flier

New for the 2015 SCBF season we created the King Of The Hop and Queen Of The Hop series. So your wondering what is this series about? Ok check it out, at each stop on the SCBF Tour we have a bunch of competitions that require riders to jump high, bunny hop high or bunny hop long. to add some spice we separated each competition by bike type and and age group. Each competition will be run like heats that riders can accumulate points depending on their standing. The top three riders with the highest points will get an award and the title King or Queen of The Hop.

To make things fair we separated the competitors into age groups. 6-9 year olds, 10-14, 15-34, 35&Over. Males will be competiting for King Of The Hop and Females will be competing for Queen Of The Hop.

Riders can compete in as many competitions as they like to accumulate points. The more competitions you compete in the more points you get.

1st Place= 10 points,
2nd place and above= 1point

KING and QUEEN of the Hop awards will be given out to the top three total point leaders of any age.

Competitions Under the  KING/QUEEN OF THE HOP series: 

  • BMX High Jump
  • BMX Bunny Hop
  • MTB High Jump
  • MTB Bunny Hop
  • Fat Bike High Jump
  • Fat Bike Bunny Hop
  • Cyclocross High Jump
  • Cyclocross Bunny Hop
  • Bunny Hop Long Jump
  • Fixed Gear Bunny Hop
  • Fixed Gear High Jump

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment box below!

Find out about all the 2015 SCBF competitions HERE

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