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king ice

We’re really excited to have super popular men’s HipHop jewelry company KINGICE as a sponsor for the last 2015 Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Big Finale event Sunday Oct 18th at New Paltz BMX!! They sent us two of their awesome 14K BMX Necklaces, we’ll be giving them to the top male and female in on of our competition series. You gotta be in it to win it!

“Having worked with hip hop and rap royalty like Wiz Khalifa, The Game and Snoop Dogg, King Ice remains the largest and most influential hip hop jewelry maker on the Web. Based out of Los Angeles, King Ice products have appeared in featured films, like Nick Cannon’s “School Dance,” music videos, like Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves,” within popular magazines like “ESPN,” featured on television broadcasts like “The X-Factor” and Fox’s “Empire,” and even represented by legendary boxers like “Iron Mike” Tyson.”~KINGICE

“At King Ice, our aim isn’t to sell you jewelry; our goal is to sell the most fashionable, iconic men’s hip hop jewelry products on the market. You represent our jewelry, and we represent you. Because of this notion, we aim to foster relationships with our clients, via our social media accounts, through our customer support experience and through our products to give our loyal fans an experience that will be cherished and remembered.”~KINGICE

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