Mikey Cox Boosting A Mongoose Stomp

Mongoose Stomp, Mikey Cox

Since there’s not a lot of people with Fat Bikes but would love to try and compete with one at our events, we brought a the 20″ Mongoose “Stomp” Fatbike for kids to try out. The bike is all steel and super heavy but the kids competing during the Fat Bike High Jump competition at Hampton BMX Track had no problem getting it airbourne.

Out of all the kids Mikey Cox was shredding the bike the most! he was boosting pretty high on the Mongoose and surprisingly the bike was holding up! The bike had to be more than half Mikey’s weight and he was killin it. He even jumped a set of double with the bike during the Fat Bike Best Style competition. It was awesome to see!
Mikey Cox, fatbike 1st
We’ll be bringing the Stomp on all our stops of the remaining 2015 SCBF events. It’ll be available for all the 14 year old and under riders competing at the event. See you there!
mongoose stomp, high jump

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