Photo Of The Day, Brooklyn Bike Park Kevin Farrell

Some of our favorite photos came from our Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Experience event at Brooklyn Bike Park last year. It started out as a one day event but due to the rain we had to cancel half of the event and do it the next day. The weather was much much better, super sunny, it was the perfect condition to get some cool fish eye shots. Our friend Kevin Farrell was doing laps on the mini pumptrack or as we called it “The Mini Velo Pump Track” 🙂 We got a few nice clips of him shredding the berm and you can’t be the back drop of the Williamsburg Bridge in the background of the photo.

For 2015 Brooklyn Bike Park will be moving to a new location across the street. Once it gets rebuilt we’ll work on planning another Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Experience event there. Stay tuned.
Check out the photo gallery from the event HERE

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