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Pump Track Winter Series Longest Wheelie, Video

Longest Wheelie, Dan Smith

We had 3 riders that competed in the Longest Wheelie competition at the SCBF Pump Track Winter Series at Brooklyn Bike Park; A Pro BMX racer Dan Smith, pump track/trail builder Evan Eisenhard and super rad Chris Motorhead!

The rule to the competition was we put a line at the middle of the first roller on the back straight of the advanced line on the track. All the riders had to do is keep the front wheel up for as far as they can. They can do a wheelie, manual or a combination.

Chris who can usually manual the whole back line came up short and wound up only making it to the second to last doubles for a total of 54ft 11in. Dan Smith made it to the berm and went 99ft 5in and Evan Eisenhard got a little further on that berm and reached 106ft 8in.

Stay tuned for more videos from the event coming soon!

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