Raddest Old Guy Competition At Billerica BMX 5.14.16

Raddest Old Guy Flyer

For May 14th Sugar Cayne Bike Fest event we have a special prize for the Raddest Old Guy!! We’ll be keeping track of all the points accumulated from the 35&older competitors in all the competitions. The rider with the most points wins some nice swag!!!

The competitions include(Time Permitting)
Bunny Hop
Longest Skid
Most Manuals
Time Trial Relay
Relay Race
Multi Lap Race
High Jump
Best Style
Long Jump
Chase Race

Compete in all to accumulate points. Make sure you stay till the end of the event to find out if you won and collect your prize.

Be there at Billerica BMX on Saturday May 14th where it will all go down!! Then hang out for the State Race on Sunday!!
FYI The track got a nice make over and it’s gonna be a nice sunny 78 degrees!! You don’t wanna miss it!!!

We’re planning to have the Raddest Old Guy competition at each stop this year!

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