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SCBF #3, 15& Under High Jump, Results

Mike Doherty, high jump

Mike Doherty, high jump
We had another epic battle go down for our High Jump competition at our Hampton BMX Track stop of the SCBF Tour. All the young riders were launching their bikes of the last set of doubles and put on an amazing show for the crowd. A lot of the older riders were surprised at how high the young-ins were going it was awesome to watch. Unfortunately our by James Melfie got a lil too caught in the moment and came speeding down the last straight and as soon as he tried pull up for the jump he wound up doing a nasty dead sailor and landed almost face first to flat. James got broke off pretty bad but he’ll be back to ride again 4sho, that kid is tough as nails!
Mike Doherty, high jump, flat
Mike Doherty was having issues with his bike all during the high jump comp. for his first run his tire caught a flat in mid air then after getting his flat fixed he went for another run and his tire shifted before he hit the jump. But all that drama was worth it because he wound up winning the competition. It was definitely exciting to watch!
Mike Doherty, high jump


Mike Doherty1st
Chris Hanny2nd
Mikey Cox3rd
Keegan AuedruLoss
James MelfieLoss
Josh DibuonoLoss
John GrantLoss
Blake PowellLoss
Parker RespasLoss

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