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SCBF #3, 16&Over High Jump, Results

zajd high jump SCBF

zigity, high jump
The 16& over High Jump competition was a nice battle between some good riders. The multi talented James Zajd, super fast Andrew Townsend, Thomas Townsend and Devin Stickles. 15 year old Devin wanted to be moved up to this group because he thought he could hang and 14 year old Thomas wanted to be moved up to this class so he could beat his brother Andrew lol! When the dust settled Devin on made it past 3ft, Andrew with that long Haro Carbon on made up to 4.5ft, Thomas tied with his brother at 4.5 feet and Zigity came home with the win at 5ft!


James Zajd1st
Andrew TownsendLoss
Thomas TownsendLoss
Devin SticklesLoss

zajd high jump SCBF

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