SCBF #3, 3rd Straight Style, Results


Our style competition has been constantly changing with each competition. At stop#1 this year at Egg Harbor BMX it went from longest manual to best last straight style then at the Shoreham stop we called it best first straight. Now at the Hampton event we called it best 3rd straight style. Originally we wanted to do a manual style competition but we haven’t had many riders sign up for it so we changed it to a best style competition. The competition is all about who can do the rhythm section on the track with the most style. Different lines, manual skills, tricks, speed or a good combination of all are what the riders are scored on. It’s definitely more about bike handling skills more than tricks .It was one competition and all ages competed against each other. Riders got 2 rounds to show their stuff and we had 5 judges rating each run on a scale from 1-10, the highest score wins.
Hampton BMX was the perfect track for this event because they had an awesome 3rd straight rhythm section. There were so many lines that rider could take, this was definitely a fun one to watch.


James Zajd1st
Christopher St. Hilaire2nd
Andrew Townsend3rd
Chris Hanny4th
Parker Respas5th
Keegan Auedru6th
Mikey Cox7th
Blake Powell8th
Devin SticklesLoss
John GrantLoss
Mike DohertyLoss
Jordan PLoss

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