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SCBF, Billerica BMX, Massachusetts May 30th

Billerica Flier

Billerica Flier

New for 2015, we’ll be bringing the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest up to Mass for the first time!! We’ll be stopping at Billerica BMX in Billerica Massachusetts( 270 Treble Cove Road Billerica, Massachusetts) for some off road cycling fun and activities!! Billerica will also be debuting their brand new track design for the event! Later that night we’ll doing the monthly Saturday Beantown BMX Ride. Then on Sunday Billerica will be holding their first official local race on the new track! It’s gonna be an awesome weekend of off road cycling fun!!

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  • You can do one SCBF competition for $15 or do as many competitions as you want for $30. (Gate/Track practice included)
  • $15 to compete in the 5 year old & Under Balance Bike/Strider competitions
  • There will also be a $5 Gate/track practice from 9am-11:30.
  • The $5 practice fee will be honored if you choose to upgrade to compete in the SCBF competitions ($10 for one competition, $25 for multiple)
  • Registration is from 9am-11:30
  • CLICK HERE to pre register
  • Competitions start promptly at 12pm, beginning with the Balance Bike Competitions
  • Registration is open all day from 9am-4pm (So if you come late to the event but the competition(s) you would like to compete in has not started yet, it’s possible for you to still sign up for it)
  • The $30 fee also covers ANY BIKE you would like to compete with, so bring em all and use a different one for each competition!
  • Some competitions require a full face helmet but loaner helmets are available if needed
  • You can use either flat pedals or clips for this event
  • ALL NON USA BMX Members have the option to sign a Free USABMX 1 Day membership, $30 30 Day Trial Membership or A full membership for $60 to participate in this event  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.
  • We will be running each competition back to back with a little breaks in between each one

AGE GROUPS: (Age groups are the same for both males and females) *Subject to change due to turn out.

  • 5 years old & under
  • 6-9 year olds
  • 10-14 year olds
  • 15-34 year olds
  • 35&Over

Below is the list of the SCBF competition sub series:

  • King Of The Hop
  • King Of Fat Bikes
  • King Of Cross
  • King Of MTB
  • BMX King
  • Queen Of The Hop
  • Queen Of Fat Bikes
  • Queen Of Cross
  • Queen Of MTB
  • BMX Queen
  • Balance Bike Jedi
  • Bike Relay Masters
  • Iron Man*
  • Iron Woman*

All points gained in competitions specific to the MTB, BMX, Cyclocross, Balance, Hop and Fat Bike categories will go towards the sub series total points for each rider. The top three riders in each sub series will be awarded.

Competitions Under the  KING/QUEEN OF THE HOP series: 

  • BMX High Jump
  • BMX Bunny Hop
  • MTB High Jump
  • MTB Bunny Hop
  • Fat Bike High Jump
  • Fat Bike Bunny Hop
  • Fat Bike Long Jump
  • Cyclocross High Jump
  • Cyclocross Bunny Hop
  • Cyclocross Long Jump
  • Bunny Hop Long Jump
  • Fixed Gear Bunny Hop
  • Fixed Gear High Jump

Competitions Under The KING/QUEEN OF FAT BIKES series:

  • Fat Bike High Jump
  • Fat Bike Long Jump
  • Fat Bike Bunny Hop
  • Fat Bike 8x Race
  • Fat Bike Last Straight Dash
  • Fat Bike Fastest Gate
  • Fat Bike Longest Skid

Competitions Under The KING/QUEEN OF CROSS series:

  • Cyclocross High Jump
  • Cyclocross Long Jump
  • Cyclocross Bunny Hop
  • Cyclocross meets BMX race
  • Cyclocross Last Straight Dash
  • Cyclocross Fastest Gate
  • Cyclocross Longest Skid
  • Fixed Gear Longest Skid (Cross/Road)

Competitions under the KING/QUEEN OF MTB series:

  • MTB High Jump
  • MTB Long Jump
  • MTB Bunny Hop
  • MTB 8x Race
  • MTB Last Straight Dash
  • MTB Fastest Gate
  • MTB Longest Skid

Competition under the BMX KING/QUEEN series:

  • BMX High Jump
  • BMX Bunny Hop
  • BMX Last Straight Dash
  • BMX Fastest Gate
  • BMX Longest Skid
  • Fixed Gear Freestyle Longest Skid
  • Bunny Long Jump

Competitions under the BALANCE BIKE NINJA series:

  • 5 year Old &Under Balance Bike Race
  • 5 year Old &Under Balance Bike Last Straight Dash
  • 5 year Old &Under Balance Bike Relay Race

*IRON MAN/WOMAN Challenge:

The SCBF event is a fun event but the more competitions you enter the more grueling it can be. Some have compared it to those Iron Man/triathlon events. With that in mind we created theh Sugar Cayne Bike Fest IRON MAN/IRON WOMAN Challenge. The rider who accumulates the most total points by the end of the event will be awarded. The more competitions riders do more points they’ll accumulate points. All competitions fall under this series.

Only the top male and top female will be awarded in this series.


  • The Bike Relay Masters is a competition where teams of 4 riders race against other teams of 4 riders in bicycle relay race around the track.
  • Riders can create their own teams
  • Each team must have 1 rider between the ages of each of these age groups to form a team  6-9 year old , 10-14 year old, 15-34 year old and 35 &Over. (*Subject to change)
  • Each team will decide the order that they will compete in
  • Riders can choose any bike to ride
  • This event is not part of a sub series
  • Points from this event will go toward the Iron Man, Iron Woman and 2015 SCBF Series points.
  • The 1st place team will be awarded


  • SCBF series Points are awarded for each SCBF competition. The more competitions you do the more points you accumulate
  • Every competitor gets a point just for competing in a competition.
  • The top male and female with the most points at the end of the day will be named the SCBF Iron Man/Iron Woman for this event
  • Points will be awarded to competitors at every stop of the 2015 SCBF tour. Top 3 riders with the most points at the end of the 2015 season will be awarded (Last stop is New Paltz N.Y. Oct 18th)

The Standard point structure is as follows (**Special point structure for certain events)

  • 1st=10pts
  • 2nd=8pts
  • 3rd=6pts
  • 4th=4pts
  • 5th=3pts
  • 6th=2pts
  • 7-8th=1pt
  • 1 point will be given for 9th place finishes and higher.
  • Bonus/”Captains Chair” Point=5pts
  • **High Jump/Bunny Hop Competitions  award 10 points to 1st place and 1 point to the rest
  • **Last Straight Dash Competitions awards 10 points for 1st place,  8 points for 2nd placeand 1 point to the rest
  • **Bike Relay Race has the same standard point structure but will award those points to each member of the teams
  • **Fastest Gate, Longest Skid and Long Jump has the same standard point structure but will award 5 bonus points to the time/distance leaders(+Captains Chair points)


billerica bmx track


Chris DeAmelio, fastest gate

The “Captains Chair”: 

  • The Fastest Gate, Long Jump, and Longest Skid competitions are for all ages to compete against each other.
  • Each event starts with the youngest rider and ends with the oldest rider
  • Whoever had the fastest time/longest distance during the competition get’s to sit in the“Captains Chair” until their time/distance is beat and they are dethroned.
  • Anyone who earns the right to sit in the Captains Chair will receive 5 bonus points.
  • Bonus points get added to riders total points for the day of the event and also their 2015 SCBF series points total

Stay tuned for more news on this event as we get closer

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