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SCBF Brooklyn Bike Park, Saturday (1023 Photos)

SCBF Brooklyn Bike Park

SCBF Brooklyn Bike Park
Our last SCBF at Brooklyn Bike Park marked the first time that we did our event at bike park/pump track. It’s also the first time we’ve done the SCBF in NYC. On Saturday the weather was a little shaky but a lot of riders came out to participate in the event. We were able to run most of the 15 & Under categories before the rain shut us down but we had a great time! We’d like to thank Chris Trombley, Gio and all the volunteers at Brooklyn Bike Park that helped to make this event a success! Can’t wait till next year to do another one at the new Brooklyn Bike Park location!
Below is the photos gallery from Saturday taken by Luis Garcia! If you having trouble viewing this gallery on your smart phone click here

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is the celebration off road cycling. It's fun day for the off road cycling communities to come together for dirt riding, friendly competitions, networking and sharing ideas! For 2014 we'll be having more events leading up to our big 2014 2nd annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest. See ya at the next event!

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