2016 SCBF, First State BMX (600+ Photos)

SCBF First State BMX

The Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at First State BMX in Delaware was so much fun! It was the first time we did the event there and it was great. There were 29 riders ready to get busy and have some fun, friendly competition. The weather was perfect, the track was dialed and everything ran smooth.

Being that we were at First State BMX our event had a few first like this was the first time we teamed up riders into groups of 3 instead of 4. It was also the first time we had 10 teams of riders.

There’s a bunch of photos from the bunny hop competition, also there’s some cool rider profile pictures and more in the gallery. Videos and results coming soon!

Super Huge Thank You goes out to Nathan Hill and the whole staff and volunteers at First State BMX.
We definitely want to bring back the SCBF back to First State next season!

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