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Our first Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at the Hagerstown BMX facility in Maryland was awesome! We had a nice turnout, awesome weather, fun competitions and great vibes at the event. Hagerstown track director Timm Raum got the track looking and riding real dialed for event, everyone was loving it.

We brought back our Best Style competitions and we also brought back our Longest Manual competition but Now it’s a Longest Wheelie competition. We’re still waiting to get a proper timing system for the Fastest Gate competition so we didn’t do that even this time around.

We’ll definitely be looking to come back to Hagerstown with the SCBF next year for sure! Great times!!
Below is the list of the winners of each of the competitions.
1.BMX Bunny Hop (10-14 Year olds): Justin Seek
2.BMX Bunny Hop (15-34 year Olds): Jason Everheart
3.BMX Bunny Hop (35&Over): Zane Kolnik
4.MTB Bunny Hop (15&Over): Curtis Peters)
5.Fat Bike Bunny Hop (14&Under): Justin Seek
6.BMX Longest Skid (6-9): Wyatt Roberts
7.BMX Longest Skid (10-14): Tomas Spears
8.BMX Longest Skid (10-14 Girls): Paige Cantner
9.BMX Longest Skid (16&over): Jason Everheart
10.MTB Longest Skid (12&Over): Curtis Peters
11.Fat Bike Longest Skid: Mason Schlotterbeck
12.BMX Best Style (15-35): Jason Everheart
13.Cyclocross Meets BMX Race (6-9): Ryan Scott
14.Cyclocross Meets BMX Race (10-14 Girls): Sydney Schlotterbeck
15.Cyclocross Meets BMX Race (10-15): Ian Waugh
16.Cyclocross Meets BMX Race (16&Over): Cody Lynn
17.BMX Longest Wheelie (10-14): Mason Schlotterbeck
18.BMX Longest Wheelie (15-34): Cody Lynn
19.MTB Longest Wheelie (15-34): Cody Lynn
20.BMX Longest Wheelie (35&Over): Zane Kolnik
21.Fat Bike Longest Wheelie (13&Under): Justin Seek
22.Bike Relay Race: Cody Lynn, Dustin, Shayne Seek, Dustin
23.BMX Long Jump (6-9): Shayne Seek
24.BMX Long Jump (10-14): Justin Seek
25.BMX Long Jump (15-34): Cody Lynn
26.BMX Long Jump (35 &Over): Tom Scott
27.MTB Long Jump: Curtis Peters
28.Fat Bike Long Jump (13&Under): Justin Seek
29.3rd straight Dash (6-9): Ryan Scott
30.3rd Straight Dash (10-14 Boys): Mason Schlotterbeck
31.3rd straight Dash (15-34 Boys): Cody Lynn
32.3rd Straight Dash (35&Over Boys): Zane Kolnik
33.3rd Straight Dash (10-14 Girls): Sydney Schlotterbeck
34.BMX High Jump (6-9 Boys): Ryan Scott
35.BMX High Jump (10-14 Boys): Justin Seek
36.BMX High Jump (15-34 Boys): Jason Everhart
37.BMX High Jump (35&Over Boys): Tom Scott
38.BMX Best Style (6-9 Boys): Ryan Scott
39.BMX Best Style (10-14 Boys): Mason Schlotterbeck
40.Balance Bike Ninijas: Timothy Scott

Below is our gallery from the event, videos coming soon.

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