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SCBF Pump Track Time Trial At Highbridge

This past Saturday was the NYCMTB “Highbridge Bike Park 10 Year Anniversary Jam”. The event was held in conjunction with the annual Outdoor Fest held throughout the NYC. As part of the event they wanted us to bring a lil SCBF flavor so I did a quick pump track time trial race. 

Riders had to start by the gate and ride either the medium or small jump line into the beginner loop and transfer on to the advanced pump track for a full loop then head back to the gate. We had 2 age groups 16&Over and 35&Over and a total of 12 riders.

Dylan, Joan, Jonah, Highbridge
Dyan, Joan & Jonah

1st: Joan (26.88)
2nd: Jonah (27.42)
3rd: Dylan (27.68)
4th: Alec G. (29.99)
5th: Kevin F. (31.02)
6th: Lenny (34.36)
7th: Emilo (37.99)
8th: Alex (38.6)
9th: Edgar Jill (40.23)

Alan, Joe, Daniel, Highbridge
Joe, Alan, Daniel

1st: Alan Gernosen (32.96)
2nd: Daniel I. (33.69)
3rd: Joe T. (35.36)

I had an awesome time doing this competition up at Highbridge and I’ll be looking to do another one this summer. Stay tuned!
~Crazy Al Cayne

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