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SCBF Pump Track Winter Jam Velosolutions (500+Photos)

Chris Motorhead High Jump

This past Sunday was the last day that entire Velosolutions Pump Track in Brooklyn was gonna be open and to wrap things up we did a one last SCBF Pump Track event! We did 6 different competitions; High Jump, Bunny Hop, Best Style, Time Trial, Time Trial Relay and Longest Skid.

For this event we did something a little different and put all the riders into teams of 4 at the very beginning of the event. Every riders results counted towards their team results in each competition and overall. So instead of an individual’s results determining if they winning a particular competition, It’s the the whole team’s result that determined it. We also kept track of the total results by age group and we gave out awards for that too. This was our first time doing the competition this way and we used a new point system but it worked out pretty good. We did have 1 or 2 errors but by the next event we should have it all worked out.

Top 9&Under:
1st: Justice Cayne
2nd: Greyson Quioan
3rd: Oscar Trombley

Top 10-15:
1st: Spencer Lonergan
2nd: Chrostopher Boucher

Top 16&Over:
1st: Ryan Cohen
2nd: Justin Boissonneautt
3rd: Scott Thompson

Raddest Girl
1st: Justice Cayne

Raddest Old Guy
1st: Chris “Motorhead” Martorano
2nd: John Tanturri

Best Team:
1st. Team C (Oscar, Chris M, John T, Justice C)
2nd. Team A (Leo Trombley, Christopher B, Scott, Justin)
3rd. Team B (Grayson, Spencer, Joan Geraldo, Ryan)

We have to give a huge shout out to Chris Motorhead for tying Adam Hauck’s High Jump record of 6ft. They are the only two riders that will ever hold that record on the pump track as it was because that section of the track has now been plowed.

We have to give another shout out to John Tanturri for competing in his first SCBF Event and boosting those bunny hops!

And super huge thanks to our sponsors DHD Wear, Nutcase Helmets, Snafu BMX, Hyper Bicycles, Free2Ride, Block Alternatives and Carrera America for all the great prizes!!

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