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SCBF Pump Track Winter Series Nov 21st, Brooklyn Bike Park

Winter Series Flyer

So the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest events of the summer are all wrapped up but something was missing. We didn’t get back to the new Brooklyn Bike Park!! So we decided to do special popup event on Nov 21st at the popular paved pump track.

As we were planning the details of the event we thought, “Lets just do a winter series!!” and BOOM!!! The SCBF Pump Track Winter Series was created!!
Weather permitting, we plan on doing this series on as many weekends as we can over the winter.
Pre Register for the event at the link below.(Register Now And Pay On Day Of The Event)
The format of the event is similar to last years Sugar Cayne Bike Fest experience at the old Brooklyn Bike Park with multiple competitions that riders can sign up for.
Below is the list and order of competitions:
Chase Race: A head to head elimination chase race on the oval pumptrack section of the track. The rider that catches up to the other rider moves on to the next round until a winner is reached

Time Trial: Riders get timed doing a full lap around the entire track (Striders will be timed on the oval track). Fastest time wins

Relay Time Trial: Rider team up into groups of 4 and each do a lap around the track one at a time. Once the rider gets back to the start they then tap the next rider in their team to do a full lap. This gets repeated until the last rider on the team goes. Which ever team has the fastest overall time wins.

Longest Wheelie: Riders have to keep their front wheel up and go as far as they can. They can wheelie, manual or do both. Whoever wheelies the farthest wins

Best Style: Riders do a full lap around the entire pump track and show off their style. The more riders utilize the many rollers and jumps to get style, the better they’ll do. Riders can do tricks, smoothness, technique and overall creativity. There will be 3 judges rating each rider on a scale from 1-10. The rider with the highest score wins.
Striders/no pedal bikes will only be doing the Time Trail, Relay Time Trail and chase race on the oval pump track

Age groups:
-5&Under (Strider/no pedal bikes only)
-9&Under (pedal bikes only)

What Type Of Bike Can You Use?
Any Bike

We’ll be running most of the competitions in age order from youngest to oldest
All Ages will compete in the Bike Relay competition together Except for the Striders who will have their own Bike Relay Competition

We will be putting all the results,stats,photos and videos from the event on this site.

The Track opens at 8am
Competitions will start at 10:30am
Bike Rentals are free on a first come first serve basis
Registration starts at 8am
$10 for Striders/No Pedal Bikes competitors (5 years old & under only)
$20 if your competing on a Pedal Bikes

The track will be open for people who don’t want to compete and just want to ride the course

Pre Register for the event at the link below.(Register Now And Pay On Day Of The Event)

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