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SCBF Shoreham BMX L.I. June 20th

Shoreham Event logo

Shoreham Event logo

The Sugar Cayne Bike Fest makes its return to the Shoreham BMX track in Wading River Long Island N.Y. The SCBF was a big hit at Shoreham last year and we can’t wait to see what happens this year! For 2015 we changed things up a little bit, below is the lowdown on the event!

Shoreham BMX Sugar Cayne Bike Fest

LIST Of Competitions: 

  • Cyclocross Meets BMX Race (Multi Lap race, all bike types, No fixed gears)
  • BMX High Jump
  • MTB High Jump
  • Cyclocross High Jump
  • FatBike High Jump
  • Fastest Gate Start(timed 30ft sprint, any bike type)
  • Bike Relay Race (All bike types, no fixed gears)
  • Best Rhythm (Who has the best style down the third straight)
  • BMX Last Straight Dash (Head to Head elimination race)
  • MTB Last Straight Dash (Head to Head elimination race)
  • Cyclocross Last Straight Dash (Head To Head elimination race)
  • Strider/Balance Bike Race
  • Strider/Balance bike Relay Race
  • Strider/Balance Bike Last Straight dash(Head To Head elimination race)
  • BMX Bunny Hop Contest
  • MTB Bunny Hop Contest
  • Cyclocross Bunny Hop Contest
  • Fixed Gear Bunny Hop Contest
  • Fat Bike Bunny Hop Contest
  • Bunny Hop Long Jump Contest
  • MTB 8x Race (MTB/BMX race 26″-29″ wheel bikes only) 2 Laps
  • Fat Bike 8x Race (Fat Bikes only) 2laps
  • Longest skid contest
  • Women’s BMX High Jump
  • Women’s MTB High Jump
  • Women’s BMX Last Straight Dash (Head to Head elimination race)
  • Women’s Cyclocross Last Straight Dash
  • Women’s MTB Last Straight Dash
  • Women’s Bunny Hop Contest
  • Women’s Skid contest
  • Iron Man Challenge (top three riders with the most points of the day wins a cash prize)

For a complete break down and explanation of the the competitions CLICK HERE

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest High Jump


  • You can do one competition for $15 or do as many competitions as you want for $30.
  • $40 to compete in the Iron Man Challenge(top three riders with the most points of the day wins a cash prize)
  • Competitions start promptly at 10:30am, beginning with the Cyclocross meets BMX race.
  • Registration is open all day from 9am-4pm (So if you come late to the event but the competition(s) you would like to compete in has not started yet, it’s possible for your to still sign up for it)
  • $30 also covers ANY BIKE you would like to compete with, so bring em all and use a different one for each competition!
  • Some competitions require a full face helmet but loaner helmets are available if needed
  • You can use either flat pedals or clips for this event
  • ALL NON USA BMX Members have the option to sign a Free 1 Day membership, 30 day Membership or 1 Year membership to participate in this event. You can register at the track on the the day of the event.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.
  • The track will be open at 9am for practice and the competitions will begin at 10:30am (weather permitting)
  • We will be running each competition back to back with a little breaks in between each one
  • Prizes/awards for the winners will be handed out After the last SCBF competition of the day.
  • You will not receive your prize/award if you are not at the event when the prizes are given out

Fastest Gate


  • SCBF series Points are awarded for each SCBF competition. The more competitions you do the more points you accumulate
  • Every competitor gets a point just for competing and finishing a competition.
  • The top three riders with the most points at the end of the day will receive a cash prize if they sign up for the Iron Man Challenge
  • Anyone of any age can enter the Iron Man Challenge
  • Points will be awarded to competitors at every stop of the 2015 SCBF tour. Top 5 riders with the most points at the end of the 2015 season will be awarded series prizes.(Last stop is Trumbull BMX Track, CT)

The Standard point structure is as follows (**Special point structure for certain events)

  • 1st=10pts
  • 2nd=8pts
  • 3rd=6pts
  • 4th=4pts
  • 5th=3pts
  • 6th=2pts
  • 7th place and up=1pt
  • Bonus/”Captains Chair” Point=5pts
  • **High Jump/Bunny Hop Competitions  award 10 points to 1st place and 1 point to the rest
  • **Last Straight Dash Competitions awards 10 points for 1st place,  8 points for 2nd placeand 1 point to the rest
  • **Bike Relay Race has the same standard point structure but will award those points to each member of the teams
  • **Fastest Gate, Longest Skid and Long Jump awards 10 points to 1st place and 1 point to the rest (+Captains Chair points)

Shoreham BMX, Captains Chair

The “Captains Chair”: 

  • The Fastest Gate, Long Jump, and Longest Skid competitions are for all ages to compete against each other.
  • Each event starts with the youngest rider and ends with the oldest rider
  • Whoever had the fastest time/longest distance during the competition get’s to sit in the“Captains Chair” until their time/distance is beat and they are dethroned.
  • Anyone who earns the right to sit in the Captains Chair will receive 5 bonus points.
  • Bonus points get added to riders total points for the day of the event and also their 2015 SCBF series points total

Stay tuned for more news on this event as we get closer and CLICK HERE for a full break down of the competitions

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