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SCBF Stop #2, Shoreham BMX (681 Photos)

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest shoreham

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest shoreham
Stop#2 of the 2014 Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour is now in the history books! We had an amazing time at Shoreham BMX, the track was awesome, awesome vibes and awesome riding all day!

Super Big shout out and thanks to Rich Soper, the whole Shoreham staff and volunteers for all their support in helping me put this event together. I’m looking forward to next year when we’ll do it again! And a extra special thank you goes out to Crazy Al Cayne’s mother who trooped with me him day and helped him out tremendously during the event!!

We would also like to thank all our amazing sponsors, Skyway BMX, Cult Crew, Snafu, Hyper Bike Co, Crit Plate, Base Bklyn, Bike New York, Cranx Bicycles, Nutcase Helmets, Plus Size BMX, Pedal Sock, BodyArmor, Education Outdoors, Thermal Soundwaves Radio and Eye Fuel Media
We will be doing a separate post with all the results from the event soon but for now you can view all my photos from the event below
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