SCBF Stop#3, Competition Order July 19th

SCBF Hampton Comp Order
Below is the list of the order the events will be run at Stop#3 of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Hampton BMX this Saturday July 19th. The first competition starts at 11am, track opens at 9am and registration will be open all day. CLICK HERE For more info on the event
1. Cyclocross Meets BMX (All categories)
2. Strider/Balance Bike races
3. Fastest Gate
4. MTB Vs Cruisers Race (1 moto transfer) (Full Face Helmet Required)
5. Fat Bike Race (1 Moto Transfer) (Full Face Helmet Required)
6. High Jump (all categories)
7. Last Straight Dash (Head to Head Elimination Race)
8. Bike Relay Race (Motos and Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required)
9. Long Jump
10. MTB VS Cruiser (Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required)
11. Fat Bike Race (Mains) (Full Face Helmet Required)
12. First Straight Style (Full Face Helmet Required)

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