The Off Road Cycling Oympics

SCBF Winter Series, #2 (540 Photos)

Chris Motorhead, Brooklyn Bike Park

We had our second Pump Track Winter Series competition yesterday at Brooklyn Bike Park again and it was awesome! We had a nice turnout and great weather for the event.

Once again we did the time trail, time trail relay, longest wheelie, best style and chase race competitions. The results will be posted soon but for now you can check out the photo gallery below.
Photos taken by Crazy Al Cayne and John Tanturri

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is the celebration off road cycling. It's fun day for the off road cycling communities to come together for dirt riding, friendly competitions, networking and sharing ideas! For 2014 we'll be having more events leading up to our big 2014 2nd annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest. See ya at the next event!

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