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SCBF Winter Series #8 Results (3.5.16)

SCBF Winter Series 8 Results

The results from the SCBF Winter Series are now posted. We have all the results, stats and points from the event in the chart below. We had a few ties this time around so we did tie breaks(TB) competitions. 3 of the competitors were part of the 16&Over age group and one rider was part of the 10-15 age group.

The battle between Chris Motorhead and Seth Freedman for SCBF Winter Series supremacy is pretty tight. Chris fell back in points when he missed Round #7. It’s looking like Seth has the series points on lock but if a bunch of good 16&Over competitors come through this Saturday and shake things up with the results, Chris may have a chance to catch up. Currently Seth has 325 points while Chris is sitting at 270 but 80 points are up for grabs at the finale. Now the Competitions Entered, Wins and Podium count between Seth and Chris is a lot closer but Seth is leading them all. We can’t wait to see how it’ll all end at the finals.

You know at the SCBF we’re constantly changing things up to improve the front and back end operation to make the events run smoother. And with that being said we just installed a new point/result feature! On the result chart below you can sort it in any way you want. the most accurate sorting is done via the point columns. Just click on the arrows an any of the tabs at the top of the chart to see it work. Press it a few time to get the sorting order you want (Hi to low or low to high).

We will be using our old system until the Winter series finals but we may discontinue using it for the Summer Series. The new system is 1000 times easier to use which means we can get the event results up quicker than ever.


RiderAgeAGTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieBunnySkidHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Justin Boissonneault1510-1525.975sec3rd2nd3rd(18)2ft 11in47ft 6in4ft52BHA, HJB, RaceC, SkidC, StyleB, TTB, whC


RiderAgeAGTime TrialChaseStyleWheelieBunnySkidHigh JEvent PtsOutcome
Seth Freedman1816&O23.867sec1st3rd2nd(20)2ft 5in70ft 1in4ft(Tie Break)56BHC, HJB, RaceA, SkidB, StyleC, TTA, whB
Chris Motorhead3116&O27.212 sec2nd1st1st(20)2ft 9in80ft 8in4ft62BHB, HJA, RaceB, SkidA, StyleA, TTC, whA
Devon Jarvis4516&O28.866sec4th4th4th(12)3ft 6in19HJC, Race4, Style4, ttd, Wh4
Chris Motorhead81010108100662747
Seth Freedman688610801056727
Justin BoissonneaultJustin Boissonneault10868660852717
Devon JarvisDevon Jarvis0304440422501

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