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SCBF#3, 15&Under Cyclocross Meets BMX, Results

15&Under Cyclocross

15&Under Cyclocross
The 15 Under Cyclocross race at Stop#3 at Hampton BMX Track in Hampton VA was another fun event! Competitors had to do 3 long laps around the track backwards and one of the really cool features at Hampton BMX is they actually had stairs for riders to dismount and run up. This race is definitely a test of stamina and smarts, you definitely need to have a game plan going into this race. Congrats to Devin Stickles for his win!



Devin Stickles1st
Blake Powell2nd
James Melfie3rd
Keegan Auedru4th
Chris Hanny5th
Mikey Cox6th
John Grant7th
Christian Beaujon8th
Thomas TownsendLoss
Caleb SmithLoss

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