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SCBF#3, 15&Under Last Straight Dash, Results

SCBF Last straight dash

SCBF Last straight dash

The last straight dash competition at the Hampton BMX (VA) stop of the SCBF was a fun one to watch. The last straight was lined up nice for some head to head action and we added a  strict “Stay in you lane” rule. If riders crossed the line they insantly disqualified and lost their round. It made for some good drama 🙂 We made the riders toss a coin for lane choice and the outside lane wasn’t always the winning lane. We see the most sign ups for this event at Hampton BMX which is awesome!! It was definitely a good competition!


Mike DohertyLoss
Thomas TownsendLoss
Jordan PLoss
Josh DibuonoLoss
Keegan AuedruLoss
Mikey CoxLoss
Chris HannyLoss
John GrantLoss
Blake PowellLoss
Christian BeaujonLoss
Parker Respas2nd
Devin Stickles1st

last straight dash hampton

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