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SCBF#3, Fastest Gate, Results

crazy al cayne, kris creech

parker respas, blake powell
Our 2nd ever fastest gate competition went down at stop#3 at Hampton BMX in Hampton Virginia and it was awesome. For this event we pit every rider of all ages against each other from youngest to oldest(we we tried to lol!). Riders are timed from the moment the gate drops till they get to the 30 foot line. Whoever has the shortest time gets to sit in the “Captains Chair” until the following riders can beat the shortest time. The competition continues until all riders have gone, whoever has the shortest time wins. Riders only get one try to get the best time.
Young Blake Powell set the tone early by getting in the captains chair and staying there for a while. Then Parker Respas hopped in the captains chair with Blake with a tied time of 2.10Secs.
james zajd
After a bunch of riders tried to beat Parker and Blake’s time, James “Zigity” Zajd came out the gate quick and took over and became the new captain with 1.90secs.
crazy al cayne, kris creech
It was looking like Zigity was gonna come home with another win but Kris Creech stopped that from happening with a perfect snap out the gate giving him a fast 1.89secs.


Kris Creech1st
James Zajd2nd
Mike Doherty3rd
James Melfie4th
Parker Respas5th
Blake Powell5th
Devin Stickles6th
John Grant7th
David Meares8th
Christian BeaujonLoss
Keegan AuedruLoss
Chris HannyLoss
Bryce RespasLoss
Mikey CoxLoss
Thomas TownsendLoss

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