Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Comes To First State BMX 8.27.16

First State BMX medium

For the first time the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest will be coming to First State BMX and we’re super excited!!!

FYI Track opens at 9am, SCBF competitions start at 12pm and should run until 4pm.

Following the SCBF will be the State Pre-Race Double which starts at 7pm with Reg beginning at 5pm. First State State Final Triple Race the following day 8/28/16. It’s gonna be a MEGA BMX weekend at First State BMX!!!
For 2016 We made some major changes to the format of this day long event. Please read below.

This year’s events will be even more of a “Run What Ya Brung Jam”, anyone with any bike type can compete.(Fat Bike, Cyclocross, BMX, MTB, Trials, Road, fixed gear, beach cruiser etc)

-No separate “Bike Type” competitions, All bike types compete together

-Bring any/all the bikes you want, compete on a different one in each event if you want.

– Age Groups 9&Under, 10-15, 16&Over, No Boys/Girls only classes, everyone competes together. There will be a special “Raddest Girl” , “Raddest Old Guy”, and “Most Podiums” series being run during the event.

-We will be grouping all competitors into teams of 4 riders with at least one rider from each age group in each team. At the end of the event we will be awarding the 3 teams with the highest combined score.

-Individual riders- will be awarded per competition

-If there are not enough riders to form a team(3 or less) those riders will called the “Rebel Run Riders”. At the end of the event the teams will have a chance to add a Rebel run Rider’s points to their total points via lottery. Once all points have been calculated the winning teams will be announced.

-COMPETITIONS(Oldies But Goodies):
Bunny Hop.
Long Jump
Last Straight Dash
High Jump
Longest Skid
Relay Race
Best Style
(NEW Comps)
Time Trial Relay
Multi-Lap Race(It’s a little different than the previous ones)
Most Manuals
Hole Shot Eliminator

11 Different competitions all in one day(depending on turn out)
It’s not mandatory for all members of a team to compete in all the competition. Just do the one’s you want and have fun. But if your looking to get the best team award/prizes we recommend you compete in all the competitions for the day.

We also updated the the results system on the site. We should be able to get the results up a lot faster. Before it was a super time consuming process to get the results on the site, now it’s a lot easier and it won’t take so long. you can see it in action at the link…/

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