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Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Hampton BMX 2016 (PHOTOS)

Sugar Cayne Bike fest trumbull

Another awesome time was had at Hampton BMX for our third installment of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at the great Virginia facility. We had a great group of riders at the event and some awesome riding went down.

For this event Crazy Al decided to let the strider riders compete in all the same competitions that everyone else competed in. It didn’t work so good for the Relay race (lol) but it was so awesome for everything else. This is the first time that we had striders in the bunny hop, longest skid and long jump competitions and it was one of the raddest thing to watch.

We did a lot of video this time around so the there’s not a lot of photos in the gallery. We also got great coverage from Bootney Lee Presents! We’ll be posting it all on this site in the coming days. Stay tuned!

We have to give a super huge thanks to the whole Hampton BMX Staff and all the people who volunteered to make this event go awesome!! Stay tuned for more post!

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