Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Stop #1 April 26th-27th

SCBF Flyer

A Celebration of off road cycling where BMXers, MTBers, Fat Bike, Striders and Cyclocross riders can come and enjoy A Fun a day of activities on the dirt. 

“The Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is a celebration of off road bicycling. It’s an event for all the different styles and disciplines of off road cyclist to come together for a day of friendly competition and sharing ideas. SCBF features events for BMX, MTB, Fat Bikes, Balance Bikes and Cyclocross. What also makes this event unique is all the events are held at a BMX track. BMX racing is the roots of how modern day off road cycling began so it’s only right to bring it all back home to where it started. I believe there’s a lot off road cyclist can learn from each other whether it’s riding tips, technology trends, community outreach and more, SCBF strives to be a great forum for that vision.

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is an event for all ages and skill levels, anyone can participate.” ~ Al Cayne


Stop #1 will be held at the amazing recently redesigned Egg Harbor Township BMX Track (EHT) April 26th and 27th. The event will be open to all off road cyclist in the morning for open practice. During open practice riders of all levels and styles can try out the track. It will be a great time for beginners and casual riders to get a chance to get a feel for the track. 

Highlights from the first Sugar Cayne Bike Fest 2013

     2014 SCBF PROMO VIDEO #1


Here a good video explaining the basics of competing at a BMX track.


If you just want to come to practice on the track it’s $5. The $5 will be taken into account if you later decide to enter a competition.

Each competition except for Striders/Balance bikes and Money Opens are $15 but we have a discount if you enter multiple competitions.

If you would like to sign up yourself, a family member or a friend for a competition, The first competition you enter will be full price($15 or $35 for Money Opens) then any additional competition you enter will be $10 each except for Striders/Balance Bikes and Money Opens 

Example:  Open $15 + High Jump $10 + Cyclocross $10 +Strider $5 = $40

Money Opens are $35Everyone who competes in a Money Open must pay $35(No Discounts)If you enter a money open along with other competitions you will be charged the $35 Money open entry fee with any additional competition you enter being $10 each. THIS DISCOUNT DOES NOT APPLY FOR ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY OPENS OR STRIDER RACES.

Example Money Open $35 + High Jump $10 + Cyclocross $10 + Strider $5 = $60

Example #2 Money Open $35 + Money Open $35 + High Jump $10 = $80

Any OPEN FACE or FULL FACE HELMETS can be used to Ride The Track. You’ll also need LONG PANTS and a LONG SLEEVE SHIRT. Shorts are allowed as long as you’re wearing KNEE/Shin pads. You can also wear a T-Shirt with elbow pads if you’d like.
Below is the schedule of events for Saturday. Competitions Will start earlier on Sunday.(Times are subject to change) 
 Open Practice- the whole track is open for all to ride
 Strider/Balance Bike practice. 

We’ll make most of the last straight available for the balance riders and a small lane

for the other riders to get to the finish line

“Cyclocross Meets BMX” race

Mens Cyclocross Challenge– Riders will do 5 laps around the track backwards. who ever comes in first at the end of the
race wins. There will be obstacles in true Cyclocross style. Cyclocross, BMX(All Sizes), MTB, Trial,  Single speed, Fixed Gear can enter this event. Limited to 25 Riders

Womens Cyclocross Challenge– Riders do 5 laps around the track backwards who ever comes in first at the end of the race wins. There will be obstacles in true Cyclocross style.Cyclocross, BMX(All Sizes), MTB, Trial,  Single speed, Fixed Gear can enter this event. Limited to 25 riders

ATTN Cyclocross & MTBers If you would like to get a feel for riding a BMX track before the event. You can find a BMX track near you by using the USABMX “Find A Track” page HERE

All non USABMX members must fill out a FREE one day membership on the day of the event. If you come back to compete on Sunday a full 1 year USA BMX membership must be purchased.


Long Jump Comp

 Longest  jump wins. 2 tries only. We’ll give the riders a 5 min practice
High Jump Comp
Highest jump wins. 2 tries only. We’ll give the riders a 5 min practice
Manual Comp 
Who can manual the farthest around the track starting from the first jump. Two tries only
NOTE: Helmets, long sleeve shirt or T-shirt with elbow pads. Pants or shorts with knee/shin pads must be worn for all competitions
3:30pm BMX Races and Money Opens Begin

Opens, Money Opens, Strider, Fat Bike, 29″ Wheel Bikes, Mid Atlantic BMX Old Guys Race.  All classes will be raced on FLAT PEDALS ONLY with the exception of the Fat Bike and MTB VS Cruisers race.

We separated the racing classes into 3 classes Novice/Newbie, Intermediate/Expert and Money Open(Pro/AM)

Any riders that are registered as USA BMX Intermediate or Expert must race inter/expert classes,

There will only be Money Open races for Intermediates and Expert’s that are 16 years old or older . A novice or beginner in that age range can choose to race a Money Open AND their Novice/Beginner Open if they Choose to.

The Money open classes are 16-29 Year olds, 30-39 year olds, 40-49, year olds, 50Year old and over. The More riders that enter these races the more the payout will be.

Please keep in mind that All non USABMX members must fill out a FREE one day membership on the day of the event. After that, a Full 1 year USA BMX membership must be purchased.

Egg Harbor BMX has some great Hotel Sponosors so if your planning to attend both days of the event please check out these hotels and make sure you tell them your racing at EHT BMX Track for a discount.

Econo Lodge

21 McArthur Blvd.Somers PointNJUS08244

  • Phone: (609) 927-3220
  • Fax: (609) 365-2407

Econo Lodge

6641 Black Horse Pike

Egg Harbor Township, NJ, US, 08234

 Howard Johnson Hotel

Address: 6817 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Phone:(609) 646-8880

We welcome all cycling and cycling related vendors. Vending is free  Contact us if your interested in vending at the event

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